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 "Thank you so much for being there. You have been an absolute star and whatever you've been doing it's been working!

How I Help

High level Coaching

I help you reach your potential and transform your life. Helping you find more peace, calm, money, success, fulfilment, growth,self confidence or whatever it is you want in your life. I do this by helping you get clear on what you want and work out realistic steps to reach those goals. 

The way I work is different from most and we work on lots of different levels so the change is deep and it lasts. We are continually working to remove whatever is standing in your way. I have a toolbox of great, proven techniques that have already helped thousands of clients.  

A different way of working

I don't believe in talking for years which is why I combine psychotherapeutic counselling with life coaching and various other techniques such as EFT, NLP and Mindfulness for the most effective transformation. The way I work is to bring about powerful, deep, long lasting change. I only work with people that are ready and committed to the process. Are you ready to create the life you want?

Why work on yourself?

People often think therapy or self development is self indulgent or should come low on the list of priorities. Don't believe the hype! Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship in your life and effects every other relationship you have. Your mind is you best asset. Invest in yourself.

Don't take my word for it




In 2009, I returned to London having endured a difficult year away. There was a lot of mess in my life at that time meaning it was hard to focus on moving forward. Raylah helped me understand myself better, to take stock and to learn from my experience. She gave me the tools to look to myself for solutions and to allow myself to fully understand and accept the changes I was going through. This all helped to clarify my thoughts and processes. I still use many of the techniques she taught me and have catch ups whenever necessary.  

I feel a lot more focused and therefore able to move forward. I would recommend Raylah without hesitation.  

Christian, New York



"I wanted to record & share with you the way I've been feeling since our session yesterday. I feel like I've struck gold!" 


"I felt much more confident in myself and the direction I needed to take in my life at the time."

"My work with Raylah supported me to make decisions for myself that I already knew I wanted, as well as facilitating my search for clarity on some others. 

As a result I have made changes which lead to greater serenity and confidence.  I'm enormously grateful for the opportunity to do this work together."



Raylah is highly intelligent, very empathetic and energetic.

Zoe, Self made Business Women